Nature's Remedies


The use of medicinal herbs in the system of Traditional Asian medicine can be traced back more than 3,000 years. In contrast, most pharmaceutical drugs have been in usage for less than 70 years. Though some may consider use of herbal medicine new age it is actually one of the most time tested medical systems in the world.

Another great advantage of Traditional Asian Medicine is that it is customized to treat each individual patient. In the western medical system two patients with the same pathology would most likely receive the same prescription. In the Traditional Asian medical system we recognize that 2 people with the same pathology will have different body types,  lifestyles, and health histories. Even though they might have the same pathology, the medicine that they consume will have to perform differently to be the most effective for each patient. In short, one size does not fit all.

Because herbal medicines are customized, patients who take herbal medicine experience far fewer side effects than patients who take pharmaceutical drugs. In fact, most patients who take herbal medicines experience no side effects at all.

Patients who take herbal medicine in conjunction with their acupuncture treatments can also expect an acceleration of their healing process. Some have even called herbal medicine portable acupuncture because it continues to improve a patient’s condition in between treatment visits.

In addition to providing effective healing for a wide variety of health disorders, Chinese herbal medicine is also very useful in maintaining general health and preventing disease. Certain herbs, and herbal formulas can be used to strengthen the body and boost its immune system. Traditional Asian herbal medicine is a tremendously safe and effective way to treat disease, and to promote vibrant health.