Though some may think that acupuncture is something mystical, exotic, or out of reach, in fact, its benefits are comfortably attainable for all.

You don’t have to be a monk or a yogi to enjoy its benefits. Acupuncture is for everyone.  It works because it’s based in science, and thousands of years of observation. 

We call our clinic “Blue Jean Acupuncture” because acupuncture should be as comfortable, as familiar, and as useful to you as your favorite pair of blue jeans.  

For your convenience we accept PPO insurances, will work on liens for motor vehicle accidents, and are open until 8pm on weeknights.  

Serving Pasadena, South Pasadena, Arcadia, Los Angeles, Eagle Rock, Glendale, La Crescenta, La Canada, Altadena, and San Marino

Roxy Han

Roxy Han had been working in the film and television industry for 6 years before one fateful day when she got an injury that would change her life in the very best way.  She was at a Jiu Jitsu convention, zigged when she should have zagged and ended up with a separated AC joint.  The acupuncture treatments she received afterward were so effective in reducing pain and speeding healing that she knew she had to discover this medicine’s secrets for herself.  

She enrolled at Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine at her earliest chance, and graduated with highest honors in 2006.  She went on to treat in different acupuncture clinics all over Southern California, incorporating the very best techniques she observed into her own.  

Roxy Han founded Elements Total Health in South Pasadena in 2008, an integrative health clinic, where she performed over 30,000 patient visits. Blue Jean Acupuncture in Pasadena is her newest clinic, where she will be treating people with the same high quality level of care she has been providing for over 12 years. Roxy Han is a caring and effective physician, capable of treating many different types of health concerns, especially pain related and fertility issues.

Iris Martin



Iris Martin is a Licensed Acupuncturist and certified yoga instructor. It is her passion to help others feel their best through these two modalities.

She has a background in social services, psychology, and education.  After working for nearly a decade with special needs children, she became a certified yoga instructor with the hopes of bringing more balance and peace into her life.  Since 2008, she has been teaching a variety of yoga classes from prenatal to Vinyasa flow in studios as well as private settings.

She became inspired by personal experiences receiving acupuncture and decided to go back to school for her Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In acupuncture she has found her true calling and is blessed to be able to draw from knowledge gained in all parts of her professional life.

Iris graduated from Five Branches University in Santa Cruz and worked for many years in Los Gatos at a family-centered practice focusing on fertility, prenatal, and postpartum care. She was fortunate to be a part of this group throughout her own fertility struggle and IVF pregnancy. Acupuncture was an integral part of her journey and this experience helped to shape her practice and approach to patients facing similar challenges. She also loves treating people in chronic or acute pain and helping cancer patients combat the side effects of medications and procedures.

She loves spending time with her husband and daughter, reading, exercising, traveling, and enjoying nature.



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