“I didn't buy into acupuncture before seeing Roxy...I went out of pure desperation when Western Medicine failed... After 4 treatments and herbs the lung infection was gone..."

“I have to admit that I didn't really buy into the acupuncture/Eastern medicine thing before seeing Roxy. Even though plenty of my friends had great things to say about her (including my other half). I had to go out of pure desperation when Western Medicine had not fixed a progressive lung infection caused by asthma and allergies. I was coming up on 3 weeks of labored breathing when I went to see Roxy.

I will also admit I'm scared of needles, but having survived a tattoo and several piercings I'm clearly "selective" about which needles I had a problem with. So Roxy asked about my medical history and my symptoms, then had me lie down. She put in a couple of needles which I barely felt, then poked one right in the middle of my chest... and like MAGIC I could suddenly breath. Like instantly. It was the craziest sensation. After she has put in a few more I felt promptly to sleep. Also amazing.

After 4 treatments and some of her awesome herbs the lung infection was gone and my breathing overall is much better. I call on her for herbs at the first sign of a cold or asthma now because she has stuff that works better than anything I can buy at CVS. If I have any aches or pains or other ailments, I'll be back there as soon as she can see me.”  - Bronwen K