5 Tips to Make Your Life Better with Chinese Herbal Medicine

1. Relief from Colds and Flus.  Did you know that Chinese herbs can knock out both bacteria AND viruses? That’s something that anti-biotics can’t do. Also, many strains of bacteria are already becoming resistant to the popular anti-biotics available in the United States. We’ve heard time and time again from our patients that our herbs worked for them when anti-biotics didn’t.

2. Help for PMS. Most women in the west believe that pre-menstrual symptoms, like bloating, food cravings, and mood swings are things that they just have to put up with. Not so! Chinese medicine has many wonderful formulas that can greatly reduce all of those symptoms. And if you’re having menopausal symptoms there are several herbal formulas that help with those as well.

3. Say Goodbye to Migraines. Again, migraines are something that you might assume you have to take medication for indefinitely. But there’s no need for that once you treat the problem at the root. Chinese herbal medicine can help fix the imbalance that causes the migraines in the first place.

4. Relief from Old Injuries. Do you still have aches and pains from old injuries? Did you think that they were just “stuck” that way? That might be so in some cases. But much of the time, especially if you’re dealing with just soft tissue damage, old injuries CAN be improved with Chinese herbs that can move them out.

5. Help you Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Not being able to sleep can ruin the quality of your whole life. So why spend your nights tossing and turning? Chinese herbal medicinals do more than western sleep aids. Instead of just sedating you for one night leaving you dependant on taking them again and again, Chinese herbal formulas correct the imbalance that is the cause of the insomnia.