Men, Not feeling like Yourself Lately? This may be why.

If you’re experiencing the following symptoms, you might have low testosterone.

1.     Low libido

2.    Difficulty getting erections

3.    Fatigue

4.    Muscle loss

5.    Gaining body fat

6.    Loss of body and head hair

7.    Depression


None of that sounds like much fun. But the good news is that these are not just “normal” symptoms of aging.  When your body is in balance you can feel, and perform the way you did when you were younger. 

In Chinese medical theory testosterone production falls under the “Kidney” system.  And just as a side note, the names of the systems in Chinese medicine are not to be taken literally.  They are named after organs, but actually describe a series of functions.  

Sexuality, and hormone function fall under the Kidney system, and as such there are generally there are 2 basic types of testosterone deficiency.  One is a “hot” type called Kidney Yin deficiency.  If you have this type of deficiency you might feel “tired but wired.”  You’re anxious and a bit restless, but tired at the same time.  You might have hot hands and feet, and have trouble sleeping. 

The second type of deficiency is a “cold type” called Kidney Yang deficiency.  If this is you, you will generally feel very tired, get cold easily, may have a sore back or poor appetite.  This is a more serious type of deficiency than Kidney Yin deficiency.  It means the problem is more chronic and you’ve had it for longer.

But whichever type of testosterone deficiency you have, acupuncture and Chinese medical herbs have a long history of helping men increase their testosterone. So if you want to feel as good as you used to give us a call at Blue Jean Acupuncture.  We can help you get there.