Acupuncture with IVF, the Perfect Match.

Very often couples will ask why they need acupuncture if they are already getting IVF.  Are they both necessary?  The answer is yes, a resounding yes, because they both play vital roles in ensuring a successful pregnancy. 

If you think of planting a seed in the ground to become a tree, you know that putting the seed in the ground is only one component of the seed’s development.  This is somewhat like what IVF does for you.  It plants the seed at the appropriate time.  However, in order for a seed to thrive, other conditions must be cultivated to ensure the tree will grow.  There must be enough water, but not too much water, enough sunlight, but not too much, the right temperature, the right soil PH, etc.   And this is where acupuncture and herbs come in.  They make sure that you have the right conditions in your body for a pregnancy to occur and to thrive.

Just as a farmer has to cultivate her fields before planting crops, you must cultivate your “field” before trying to conceive.  That is why we recommend coming in for acupuncture and herbs for a minimum of 3 months before doing any IVF procedure.  Six months may even be needed for anyone with more serious fertility issues.  This will ensure that you correct any hormone imbalances before going into the procedure, improve egg health,  improve uterine circulation, build the correct thickness of your uterine lining, calm the mind, clear stress, and many other benefits. 

IVF can be costly both financially, and emotionally so you want to give yourself the best chance that you can for a healthy pregnancy.  Acupuncture and herbs can greatly improve your chance of not only becoming pregnant, but also sustained health for both mother and baby throughout the pregnancy. 

Here at Blue Jean Acupuncture we specialize in women’s health and fertility.  If you’re not sure if acupuncture and herbs are right for your situation we invite you to come talk to us.  You can make an appointment for a complimentary consultation at