Thaw Out Your Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder, otherwise known as adhesive capsulitis, is a condition that can really creep up on you.  First you feel some discomfort in your shoulder, and stiffening.  Gradually it gets worse and suddenly you’re finding that it’s too painful to sleep on your side, that you can’t put your shirt over head, that you can’t wash dishes, put up your hair, or do any task easily that requires two hands. 

You become hyper aware of all the tasks that require two hands because it’s now ten times more difficult to do them!  You might wonder what is happening because you didn’t injure your shoulder, at least not recently. So what is going on?

If you are between the ages of 40-70, and this is happening to you, it’s quite possible that you are experiencing frozen shoulder. Some people refer to this condition as “fifties shoulder” because it usually occurs right around that decade of life.  

Often times people that have this condition have had a previous shoulder injury.  And also commonly people with chronic diseases such as diabetes can develop frozen shoulder too.    The common theme is that both injuries and chronic diseases, such as diabetes can limit circulation to the shoulder causing the tissues in and around the shoulder to “freeze” up. 

And this is why acupuncture is the PERFECT treatment for frozen shoulder.   Acupuncture directs blood flow around the body through stimulating the nerve pathways.  Circulation returns to the shoulder tissues, restoring mobility, and reducing pain.

Here at Blue Jean Acupuncture we have treated several cases of frozen shoulder throughout the years, with very successful results.  Most people experience relief and restoration of normal functioning after just a few treatments. 

The prognosis for frozen shoulder without treatment is that most people get better after one year.  However, it has been our experience that most people would rather not wait that long to get the use of their arms back! 

If you’ve been suffering with frozen shoulder, don’t wait to get help.  There is no need to suffer with pain and immobility. Give us a call and get started with treatments today.