Leaky Gut, the Syndrome You Didn't Know You Have


You may not know it, but your intestinal health is central to your health at large because it houses the majority of your immune system.  That’s why it’s so important to protect and keep your gut healthy. But unless you're living in a log cabin in the woods, working in the sunshine every day, growing and eating your own organic food, then chances are you probably have some level of Leaky Gut Syndrome.

According to some doctors, up to 80% of us have Leaky Gut.  How did we get this way? Most of us are abusing our gut health daily. We stress out, take medications, eat processed foods, eat too much gluten, drink too much alcohol.  These things degrade the lining of our intestines, leading to what we call Leaky Gut Syndrome,  which means that your guts have become more permeable than they should be.

You can think of your gut lining as the wall around a castle.  It’s there to protect you from things that are not supposed to be breeching the perimeter, such as undigested foods, allergens, and toxins.  Once your gut lining is compromised, all kinds of mayhem can ensue. 

80% of your immune cells live in and around your gut lining.  When “invaders” jump through the holes in your intestinal lining your immune system goes into red alert mode! It can go into over drive and begin even attacking itself, which is what happens in auto-immune conditions. 

You may not notice the changes in your health all at once, since these things happen over time, but little by little exposure to things that are not friendly to your gut will lead to different health issues.  Not everyone will have the same symptoms, but common ones for Leaky Gut, are bloating after eating, diarrhea, new food sensitivities or allergies, rashes, eczema, foggy brain, fatigue, joint pain, auto-immune issues, anxiety and others.

None of that sounds, fun, but the good news is that Leaky Gut is treatable.  It all starts with recognizing that your gut health is the keystone to your overall health. Changes can be made to your diet to stop the progression of Leaky Gut.  Then supplements, nutrition therapy, and acupuncture can help you rebuild your gut lining.  As a result you will reach a state of vitality that you didn’t know it was possible to have.  Heal your gut and you will heal your health!