Top 9 Tips for Healthy Flying

Vacation season is officially here.  If you’re flying out to the destination of your dreams you will absolutely want to make sure you arrive feeling your best!  Read ahead for Blue Jean Acupuncture’s top 9 tips for healthy and happy air travel.

1.      Give your vacation a head start, by making sure you’re eating as healthy as possible at least a week before flying.  That means eating whole real foods, non processed, low sugar, and low grease.  This will give your body an energy, and immunity boost!

2.      Drink water before and during your flight.  Keeping your nasal passages, and lungs hydrated helps create a barrier for germs, helping to keep you from getting sick.  Also keeping hydrated reduces jet lag.

3.      Take a teaspoon of elderberry syrup before getting on your flight.  Elderberry syrup powerfully protects your body against viruses.  So keep a bottle at home, and put taking a teaspoon on your pre-flight check list!

4.      Don’t have that cocktail while waiting to board.  Alcohol depresses your immune system, and dehydrates you.  And pass on the booze when you’re on the plane too.  Alcohol can aggravate motion sickness and altitude sickness.  That’s no fun!  Save the party for when you land.

5.      Get an acupuncture treatment before you go to knock out any aches, pains, immune system deficiencies or any other issues that might stop you from enjoying your vacation. Also, an acupuncturist can provide you with herbal remedies for common traveling maladies like food poisoning or traveler’s diarrhea. These can be a lifesaver if you end up needing them!

6.      Stretch before your flight.  It’s hard to stretch properly on a plane without looking like a crazy person.  So make sure you stretch out well before leaving for the airport. You will be a lot more comfortable on the flight and this will help keep your circulation moving. Also, don't forget to get up every few hours to prevent blood clots.

7.      Board well rested.  Though this might sound counter intuitive for long flights, just think of what would happen if you were sleep deprived and then for whatever reason weren’t able to sleep on the plane.  You would arrive twice as exhausted as you would have otherwise! Bottom line is it’s always healthiest to listen to your body.  Rest when your body wants rest.

8.      Bring a lumbar support pillow or small towel to roll up to put behind your lower back.  Not only does this reduce lower back pain, but also keeps your spine in alignment which reduces neck pain also.

9.      Wear light weight, loose, but long sleeved layered clothing.  Airlines are not providing blankets these days, so you want to be able to prevent a chill, but also allow for good blood circulation.