Allergies Making You Miserable?

If you're a chronic sufferer of allergies you know that almost nothing is more miserable than allergy symptoms!  And if you've been dealing with the runny nose, congested sinuses, and itchy eyes for several years it might seem like there is no relief in sight.

You've probably tried all the antihistamines and conventional medicines, but did you know that acupuncture and herbs can relieve your symptoms as well?  They can, and they do it well!

A study done in 2013 published by the Annals in Internal Medicine, tested over 400 people to gauge their reaction to acupuncture and antihistamines. At the conclusion of their study they found that the participants who received acupuncture did see considerable improvements in their symptoms.

Herbal formulas are also super helpful to calm down your body's reaction to allergens.  They are focused on relieving the immediate symptoms, opening the nose, clearing the mucous, stopping the itching, etc., but on top of that they ALSO treat the underlying organ imbalances which are the root cause of the allergies.  In this way they are superior to antihistamines which only treat symptoms.  And did you know that long term usage of antihistamines can lead to a substantial increased risk of dementia?  That should be something to seriously consider especially if you are taking antihistamines daily.

There is a better way.  You can stop suffering and improve your overall health while you do it.  Try acupuncture and herbs for your allergies today.  Your future allergy free self will thank you!