7 Tips to Recover from Holiday Feasting

  1. Greasy and sugary holiday foods weigh down deplete your digestive energies.  To replenish them, eat leaner, and lighter foods until you feel your energy and alertness return.  
  2. But don’t eat salad!  Raw vegetables are energetically cold in the Eastern medical paradigm. They are more difficult for your body to digest, and can use up your healthy digestive warmth.  They are especially hard on your body when the weather is chilly! Eat soups, stews or lightly steamed vegetables instead.
  3. Stay hydrated. Adequate hydration is absolutely necessary to keep your digestion moving and healthy.  And water is needed for almost every single essential function of your body.
  4. Have some pineapple.  Pineapples have lots of fiber, which promotes digestion, but also it contains the enzyme Bromelain.  This power packed anti-inflammatory enzyme helps to break down proteins thereby reducing bloating.
  5. Eat probiotic rich foods such as yogurt, or fermented vegetables.  They help the break down of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.  And bonus!  They boost your immune system too, so that means fewer colds for you!
  6. Don’t forget the prebiotics! Yes, that’s PRE not PRO.  Prebiotics are indigestible fiber that is basically food for your probiotics.  Once you’ve stocked your gut with healthy probiotics make sure you keep them well fed with foods high in prebiotics, such as bananas, garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, and chicory root tea.  
  7. Don’t get sucked in by the couch! Get back to your regular exercise routine as quickly as possible. The longer break you take the more difficult it will be to get back on track.  Remember, objects in motion tend to stay in motion! Keep up the healthy momentum that you had before the holidays.