5 Surprising Facts about Coughing

1.     You may have been drinking yucky cough medicines all these years for nothing.  In 2010 a study showed that there was no evidence to suggest the effectiveness of over the counter cough medicines and cough suppressants, such as dextromethorphan, or expectorants like guaifenesin. (Cough Medicine: Should You or Shouldn't You?)

2.   A cough produces a gust of air that blasts out at around 60- 300mph! No wonder a bad cough seems like it’s shaking you to the foundation.

3.   A chronic cough is not just a symptom of a disease, but it can lead to further health problems, such as muscle spasms, incontinence, headaches, etc.  So it’s definitely important to get yourself to a health care provider if you have one.
4.   Turnips are sometimes an effective coughing remedy.  They contain components that help expectorate phlegm and reduce cough. To use this method slice a turnip into pieces about as thick as a quarter, pour honey over the slices, leave at room temperature and wait about an hour.  The juices, mixed with the honey will come out of the turnip.  Take 1-2 tbs of the juice mixture every 3 hours.  Store in the refrigerator.  

5.   Sometimes your cough medicine isn’t working because it isn’t the right one for the type of cough you have.  In Chinese medicine we identify several different types of cough, hot, cold, excess, deficient, wind dry, damp phlegm, etc. It’s important to know which type of cough you have because each is treated differently.  For instance a dry cough would be treated with moistening herbs, a hot cough with cooling herbs.  Roxy Han L.Ac. at Blue Jean Acupuncture can help you identify what type of cough you have and give you the correct formula to help you get well.